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“Queen Elincia, Crimea needs you more than anything, and I reckon you could use my help.”
- 2-E Elincia’s Gambit 

Top Ten Tellius // 10 // Nephenee
What is it about Nephenee that’s there to like? Well, for starters, she’s a kick arse unit. That’s one of the things I admit, have made me identify with her as a favourite of mine. But it’s in using characters as units, I learn more about them as actual characters. There’s another character on here that certainly fits that qualification, but I will get to them later. Today, I’m talking about Nephenee.

Nephenee is a simple, shy country girl hailing from the village of Ohma. Originally, she doesn’t fight; nor did she even entirely know how to when you first get her in Path of Radiance. But that’s the thing I like about her; she learned. She learned through a harsh time how to fight battles and fight for her country. She didn’t stop growing; she continues to grow as both a person and a character, no matter her embarrassment over her country girl accent.

Her friendship with Calill however, is what I notice most about her. It’s a lovely warm dynamic in how Calill tries to help her not be afraid of who she is, in which I relate to that aspect of her at times. A lot of people could relate to how Nephenee is afraid of a certain part of her; like how I’m afraid of the people who will make fun of me for listening to Avril Lavigne aside the likes of Nightwish, Evanescence and Within Temptation.

Nephenee, doesn’t really talk because of her country accent she’s embarrassed of and people will laugh at her for. But Calill helps her by that and in Radiant Dawn, we see her come more into her own and not so afraid of showing her country roots. This was evident in when she comfortably spoke to Elincia in that manner when she came to warn her of rebellion in Melior and to Lucia in a base conversation in Tides of Intrigue (in which I find it an incredible feat to speak to the two most powerful noblewomen in Crimea in said manner).

Also to note is that clearly, despite there being no war in three years; Nephenee trained hard with the lance and became a notably high skilled halberdier. Though a lot of fighting experience came from the Mad King’s War, what makes me make that statement is in the Tides of Intrigue base convo, Lucia asks Nephenee, along with Brom, to accompany her to Felirae.

Now Lucia, as we all know, is a very highly skilled swordswoman who is the head of the intelligence network. Because she can’t afford for risk or slip up in her job, you’d imagine she has high standards in recruiting people to work for her. She would choose people she’d trust and people with a good skill with fighting. The fact she asked Nephenee to come with her means she recognises Nephenee’s skill with the lance and trusts her.

Therefore it’s clear Nephenee grew as a fighter as well as a person; which gives me all the more respect for her as a character. Though Ike calls upon her in Part III in Radiant Dawn, Lucia calling on her in Part II is more significant in my eyes, since she did fight with Ike from close to the beginning of the Mad King’s War. Whereas Lucia didn’t even come in until they made it back to Crimea a year later.

To sum it up; with Nephenee, the reason she’s in my Top 10 is because I respect her continuing growth as a character throughout both games. Though not to the extent of what Elincia becomes, I like the steadiness in her growth compared to Elincia and it actually gives a nice parallel to said growth in Elincia. Whereas Elincia had to grow up fast into her role; Nephenee was able to take her time. It’s a nice contrast that maybe in future, someone could write up (well I could do it but I think someone could do it better so :P).


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